granny square hat unfinished

Shrunken, crochet, pixie hat!!

I know I did promise to post any messes and mistakes as well as successes. Well this might be number one mess post!!!

After the fingerless gloves, I decided to make the hat to match. The pattern started with the granny squares again, six in total, which were then joined by the same zig-zaggy method as the gloves to make the main band of the hat. Looking at the picture and illustrations, the hat has a point with tassels on. This was the next section to be worked. Some of it in dc and some in tc with some decreasing to work it to a point. I followed the pattern as closely as I could (but I may have had a couple of extra stitches here and there!)

It is not looking as good as anticipated.

The band is fine but the pointy bit seems too small. I thought it was perhaps my head (being too big!) but it looks silly on Little J and he is only 4 and his head is much smaller.

I wondered if it was my tension but I checked it when I made my granny squares and it was exactly right. Not sure what is wrong with it or what it is that I have done wrong. It’s almost there, but not!!!

I suppose you want to see it don’t you??

Ok I’ll post a picture then.

granny square hat unfinished

Doesn’t it look daft??

I look like a pixie, whose hat has shrunk in the wash!!!!

Any suggestions or ideas from all you crochet experts out there are much appreciated.

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