Twinkle yarn

More Crochetty Glove-ey Goodness

Twinkle yarn

Not a good picture. I apologise. Very dark in here today.

Ok, so, having finished the draught excluder I was very keen to get on with more crochetness. I had a short visit to town the other week and stopped by the fabric millshop which also happens to sell yarn. I figured my stocks needed replenishing. Some VERY beautiful yarns there. And some very fancy yarns too – not sure what you would use them for, all bobbly and lumpy and gorgeous. Definitely not for crochet. Shall have to find out, they were so beautiful.

However not having a fortune to spend I had to keep myself in check. I wanted some DK to try out a glove pattern I saw in one of the books I got for christmas. I wanted some nice colour combinations that wouldn’t break the bank. I did struggle a little. Lots of pastels but they were out. Finally settled on some Twinkle yarn (above, made by James C. Brett). Purple (my favourite and my best), black and pink (am not a pink girl at all but it needed to fit with the colour combo). Yay – couldn’t wait to get started.

The pattern is called Granny Square Gloves and is from this book. It started with making the granny squares. No problem there. Two for the back of the hands and two for the palms. They were then joined at the sides leaving a thumb hole on one side using a zig-zaggy method (there is probably a technical term for this but I don’t know it yet!!). Not sure I did it exactly correctly but it looked almost there. The instructions were a little sketchy in places for the fingerless gloves and didn’t appear to suggest any rows for the thumb so I decided to add a few rows for the thumb as opposed to just having a hole.

Next it was a case of adding the rows around the around the hand and around the wrist. I added a few extra rows around the hand. The instructions then said to mark between your fingers and stick the gloves together there to make the finger holes. I thought it a bit odd but gave it ago. Again it just created holes. To my mind fingerless gloves usually have some finger on them. It also made them a little uncomfortable and tight so I unpicked it again and just left it open like hand warmers instead.

You want to see them??

Are you ready???

Here you go…

fingerless granny gloves

Want a closer look??

Ok here is the palm…

palm of fingerless granny gloves

And the back of the hand????

Ok here you go…

back of hand, fingerless granny glove

Hmmmm. Don’t think I could be a hand model.

I am fairly pleased with them. They do look like the picture in the book, which is good. They didn’t produced the happy, jumpy, clappy rapture of the draught excluder though. They look a bit goth being purple and black!! And I’m not sure I like the sparkles in the wool. Don’t think I would buy them if I saw them on a stall. Someone might though.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “More Crochetty Glove-ey Goodness

  1. Thank you. I am now thinking of improvements to the pattern. Turning them into mittens, it’s sooooo cold here right now. Maybe making two more squares to make them longer at the wrist?? Oh the ideas are endless!! Unfortunately time is not.

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