granny square draught excluder

Granny Square Excitement


It’s finished.

Cue much excitement, grinning like an idiot, jumping around and clapping!!!

I have completed my little granny square project.

Here’s a little teaser of it partially joined and starting to look bright and gorgeous.

joined summer garden granny squares

What is it???

Well ours is quite a draughty, old house and I didn’t think a cushion would look right on my sofa. There’s a howling gale that comes under the door sometimes when we are trying to get all snug on the sofa.


Drum roll please….

granny square draught excluder

Who would have thought someone could get SOOOOOO excited about a draught excluder!!! I LOVE it. Its so colourful, jolly and bright and does a fantastic job keeping the  force 10 gale out. I was so excited to be finished. I was literally jumping around, clapping and giggling like an idiot. Mr Patch thought I had well and truly lost the plot. It fits in perfectly with the room as it has the red like the carpet and the blue like the sofas. A wonderful touch of handmade loveliness in my living room. Soooooooo happy.

Now, what can I crochet next??? Think I’m addicted!

2 thoughts on “Granny Square Excitement

  1. I feel the same way about granny squares. They are things of beauty!!! Yours is too nice to be used as a draught excluder, though – can’t you turn it into a throw for your navy couch?
    Love your blogs – glad I found them.

    • Thanks Jill. I literally only had enough yarn to make that many squares. But it means I have THE most beautiful draught excluder AND I have cunning plans for a blanket/throw for the sofa. Watch this space.

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