Summer Garden Granny Squares

Current crafting obsession

Currently I am obsessed with crochet, after seeing my friend Max’s stall at the school Christmas fair selling her sisters crocheted items. Initially I decided to try some crochet flowers, thinking they would make nice embellishments for my bags. I have a vague picture in my head of a denim bag covered in scarlet embroidered/crocheted flowers with a scarlet lining. I dug out my wool bag but only had a tiny crochet hook from when I had done an embroidery class once. On a visit to a local market I found a knitting stall and purchased a slightly larger hook and a couple of balls of cotton and that was it… I was off!

I found some tutorials on the web and started having a go. The first few attempts were rubbish to be honest. But I improved slowly.

Then I found the Attic24 website. Oh its fantastic. I think I will be a visitor to it forever now! Beautiful colours and pictures. Wonderfully, simply written tutorials with lots of photos from a lovely lady.  Lots of inspiration there.

Decided to have a go at something with my newly found flower making skills and decided on this. My yarn selection was quite limited. Some very bright red, orange and green, plus some blue and some fluffy green and a lot of inappropriate stuff. My hook was a bit small for the DK wool (as it was the only one I had. I was sooo keen to get started I couldn’t wait to get the right sized one!) so my circles came out a bit smaller than they should. But it looks very jolly although perhaps not entirely my kind of thing. A good learning piece from a very clearly written tutorial. Jolly and bright, it cheers the door up after having taken down the christmas wreath.

Springtime WreathOnce that was finished I was desperate to start something else. You might recognise the yarn! Too keen and eager again to wait for supplies!!! Thought I’d give a granny square a go and chose another excellent Attic24 tutorial. Slow progress and lots of concentration required at first but I soon started to get my confidence and speed up. In no time I had a nice pile of jolly granny squares.

Summer Garden Granny Squares

But what shall I do with them now??? I was still using the same scrap bag yarns and was aware that I was going to run out of some of the colours before long. Thought I might need a unifying colour to enable me to join them with out joins showing so added a large ball of navy blue to my yarn stash and added a blue edge to each square. Initially I thought maybe I could join them together into a long strip, crochet some edging, add tassels and make a scarf.


…then I had a better idea…

Something my house has needed for a while.

Something I have been meaning to make but never got round to it.

What is it??


…you will have to wait until its finished!!

Come back soon xxx

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