Black and White Bag

2011 Bag-ilicious!

Sewing makes last year featured a few bags. A new concept for me – I’d never made a bag before. The first one I tried was from allpeoplequilt. I have limited resources (much as I would love to spend every penny that comes in on gorgeous fabrics, yarns, buttons, ribbons…) so often have to use what I have to hand and I had no interfacing, magnetic clasps etc. Fabric was scarce too but found some old jeans and made this:-

Denim Grab Bag

Bag Make number 1

Quite pleased with that for a first attempt. The jeans weren’t wide enough to cut whole pieces of the pattern so I had to have a seam running up the side but I cunningly hid it with the braid and turned it into a feature.

Next attempt was this one. I treated myself to some fabric from the mill shop at the bottom of the hill and made this:-

Over the Top Bag

Bag Make number 2

I found this more difficult and wasn’t as happy with the result. Partly the tricky fabric, which didn’t like ironing and was a bit shrinky. But also its more structured and I feel it should be really sharp, crisp and neat and it didn’t turn out like that. Hey ho – you make and learn.

Final Bag Make of 2011 was this:-

Black and White Bag

Bag Make 3

This was made from a skirt I found in a charity shop. I loved the embroidered pattern on the fabric and I have a bit left for something else. Inspiration was from here and here. Probably mostly the second but I did adapt the shape of the main bag pieces. Nice and simple this but I do think it might also be better slightly stiffer and possibly a little padded with some wadding/batting. Don’t think you can see very well on the photo but I added a selection of buttons to the part where the strap attaches to the bag, again creating a feature out of it. LOVE the button idea. NEED to build up my button reserves.

Not bad for a beginner bag maker. More to come I think.

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