Big J's Mummy costume


Last week, first son, Big J had an Egyptian themed day at school. Last year he had a pirate day – pretty easy that, except he insisted on being Jack Sparrow, but we had all the gear, just needed a wig for that one. Last Years Egyptian day had been in the summer term. Appropriate for egyptians, its a hot country, they don’t wear much. So lots of Pharaohs, King Tuts and Cleopatras turned up to school, all looking amazing. Very high standard of costumes. Lots to live up to this time and the WRONG time of year.

He didn’t want to be a pharaoh. Briefly considered being Anubis (Jackal headed god). I wasn’t looking forward to having to make a headress for that one! Then we settled on a mummy. Few people would choose that, plus he’d be toasty warm under all the layers of bandages and could wear shoes, as opposed to sandals!

So, with inspiration from this website, I ordered some long johns and a long-sleeved white tee (had lots of fun with rubbish delivery) then rooted about in the fabric stash for some suitable bandage fabric. I found a slightly chopped up white cotton sheet and an old unbleached curtain panel in a looser weave. Although the curtain panel was closer to the right colour I decided the sheet was just too white so into a bucket it all went with a strong black tea solution. I left it for a while then rinsed it out in the washing machine… perfect dirty bandage colour. with hindsight it would have been better to rip the fabric into strips after dying and drying it, then I wouldn’t have had to deal with the granny of all knots when it came out of the machine.

Then came the slow bit. I pinned the strips to the t shirt and long johns and hand sewed them in place. The theory behind the hand sewing was that it was easier to unpick and he could still get some wear out of the tee and long johns. It took 3-4 days to get them all sewn on. I also used an old pair of my socks to make shoe covers as suggested on (link above). Brilliant idea. Love it. May well use that idea in future costumes too. And pinned a few strips together on Big J’s head to make a bandage style hat.

All this was done back in late November/early December as Egyptian Day had been scheduled for the end of term. But then it was postponed. Slight pouty sulk after all the hard work but then decided that at least I was super organised for next term.

So on the big day, early breakfast then a spot of face painting (thanks for the loan of the paints Jan) and..


Big J's Mummy costume  The pose is all his own work.

He was a bit reluctant to go over to school initially – was worried he’d scare the little kids. But then he saw his friend walking along the road all dressed up as a pharaoh and he was off.

After seeing him wear it for a while I would add a few more rows of bandages to the seat of the long johns. I didn’t put any there thinking that the tee would cover it, which it did till he moved around. So I think he spent the day either with his unbandaged bum hanging out of his costume or constantly pulling his tee down (the latter I hope… but knowing him…). He was pleased with it and so was I and we have had several lovely comments from staff and parents at school since. Yay! A successful make. Think we may keep it for next halloween or for Little J when he gets to that year group.


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